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      While there are many SEO gurus out there saying that content is king in order to rank in search engines, any content without the proper link building has almost no chance in ranking in search results.

      Web directories used to be the main form in acquiring links and improving search engine rankings, but with time, due to the large number of such directories and their low quality, the results started to fade away.

      However directory submission can still give a boost to your SEO efforts if done properly. For this to work, target quality web directories, with high PR / Domain Rank. Since Dmoz.org was closed down, webmasters can focus on a list of other top directories (some of them may require a payment, other are free or require a reciprocal). Check below list of top ranking directories:

      Directory List for International SEO:
      – UK: 1webdirectory.co.uk
      – US: 1webdirectory.us
      – ES: 1directorioweb.es
      – DE: 1webverzeichnis.de
      – FR: 1annuaireweb.fr
      – IT: 1webdirectory.it
      – PT: 1diretorioweb.pt
      – NL: 1webdirectory.nl
      – SE: 1webbkatalog.se
      – DK: 1webkatalog.dk
      – FI: 1webhakemisto.fi
      – PL: 1katalogwww.pl

      Directory List for English SEO:
      – botw.org
      – somuch.com
      – abilogic.com
      – joeant.com
      – seekon.com
      – skoobe.biz
      – hitalyzer.com
      – he-directory.com
      – killdirectory.com

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