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Creating Your Website

Creating a website may frighten many users, but with no reason. Technology has advanced so much that creating a website on your own, in less than a day, is now possible. And we are not referring here to a static one page website – you can get a professional looking and dynamic website like a blog, forum, interactive website or even e-Commerce that accepts online payments – all these with our easy Do It Yourself guide.

Getting started is easy: if you have reached this page, then you know how to use a computer and Internet, and these are all the skills you need to get your website up and running today. This guide will introduce you to the world of WordPress – a free platform that lets you build anything you want online, in a user-friendly manner, no technical knowledge required.

WordPress is a platform built and supported by a large community of users and developers from around the world, and you can use it to get any sort of website created too. To get an idea of how big WordPress is – 25% of the web is built today on WordPress. Do you like Affiliates.Wiki? Well this is built entirely on WordPress – it runs a standalone website (ex this page you are reading), it runs a forum with user registration and discussions, it offers a directory of resources, and we can do so many more things with it: e-shops, blogs, social networks, company intranet or wiki.

Hosting Your Website

domain hosting30 minutes

Websites need a place of their own, where they can be hosted and accessed via Internet day and night. Given that you already know what you want to do, first step is buying a web domain and a host for your website. You can check this list of discounts available for web hosting and domains. With these discount rates on hand, you are looking at an expense of about $50-60$ / year for the web hosting and web domain. 
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Installing Your Website

Once you are sorted out with the domain and hosting account, you can proceed to installing your WordPress platform. Most hosting companies offer an easy Control Panel that users can use to do a wide sort of settings for their hosting package. This includes a Script / WordPress installer that can be used to get the platform set up automatically.


30 minutes

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Customizing Website Features

website features

2-4 hours

The WordPress installation comes with basic features, enough to create a standard website or blog. However if you want more from your website, like a forum, gallery, e-commerce, then you need to add these features and make the settings to your requirements. Adding these features is also easy to do, the only thing that may take a bit more time is settings and testing to make sure it works based on your requirements.
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Customizing Website Design

As soon as you have added all the functionalities to your website, you may want to make some changes to the front design, so that it can fit all the sections and content you have. Of course, ideally would be to have some content published already so that can you check in real time how it fits in the new designs.

website design

1 hour

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Adding Content to Your Website

website content

When you have finished customizing your website, you can start adding content. Knowing already what you want to do, you already have a structure in your mind that you can now set in the WordPress categories and sub-categories.
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Need Help

Do you need help setting up your website? We are here for you! Let us know what you need and we will install WordPress for your, all the main plugins and functionalities, and a theme of your choice for the price or $100.

Our service does not include posting content on your website, buying themes or plugins. If you require professional themes or plugins you must buy these separately and send them to us.